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Parthasarathy Temple

Similar to Guruvayoor temple, daily rituals in Partasarathy Temple also include Usha pooja, ucha pooja, Athazha pooja, 3- times seeveli, deeparadhana etc. Palpayasam, appam, ada ,venna (Butter), sugar, plantain, ghee lamp, garlands, Archana are some of the main offerings to the Lord. It is also possible to book and conduct offerings like Udayastamana pooja, Chuttuvilakku with in a week’s time. As a part of special connection between Guruvayoor Temple and Parthasarathy Temple, it is a practice on Guruvayoor Ekadesi day to take a procession from Guruvayoor Temple in the morning accompanied by three caparisoned elephants and Pancha Vadya to Parthasarathy Temple and return by noon. Similarly soonafter the Deeparadhana, a beautiful decorated chariot with Idol of Lord Krishna will be taken to the procession from Parthasarathy temple to Guruvayoor temple and return after completing one Parikarma of the temple- tank . Also, Ekadesi festival spreading over a month, Temple festival Ashtami, Rohini , Sankara Jayanthi, Kuchela day , Illom Nira, Puthiri, Kalabhattam etc are celebrated in Parthasarathy temple with full gaiety. The Associate Deities like Right tusked Ganapathy, Navagrahas ( all not facing each other and seated in Single- round stone), Ayyappa, Adi Sankaracharya and Rakshassu all facing east unique to this temple. Ottyappam, Navagrahpooja, Neeranjanam, Elluthiri, Bhasmabhishekam, Rakshassu pooja are their offerings, respectively. The Parthasarathy Temple is situated about one Kilometer away from Guruvayoor Temple on the East Nada, almost near to the Railway Station.

Distance from Mammiyur Temple

3 km