Sree Parvathy

The sankalpa of main deity is Uma Maheswara as such there is no separate Sree Kovil for goddess Parvathy. But a sankalpa of Sree Parvathy is there on the rearside of the main Sree Kovil of Lord Shiva. The main vazhipadu here is Pattu Charthal for invoking her blessings.




Ganapathy Ganapathy, Lord Shiva's first son is described as the supreme leader (Vinayaka) or as the leader of the Ganas (Ganapathy) who attends upon and follows at all times Lord Shiva, or as the Lord of all obstacles (Vigneswara). As he is the Lord of obstacles no hindu ritual or auspicious act is ever undertaken without invoking Him. With his grace, it is believed that no undertaking can fail due to subjective or objective obstacles. Therefore in almost all temples Ganapathy will find a place among upadevas either in the form of deity or sankalpa. Here the Ganapathy Shrine is situated at the Kanni corner i.e. south western corner in the nalambalam.




Lord Subrahmania is installed in a shrine in the western side of the Nalambalam. The idol is in resemblance to the idol installed in the great Subrahmania Temple at Palani. Milk abhisheka is performed here daily. The important Vazhipads are Trikalapooja, and Panaka Pooja.





Lord Ayyappa is installed in the north west corner of the Nalambalam. Here also the idol is in resemblance to the idol installed in Sree Sabarimala Temple. The main offering is the lighting of Elluthiri, the lights made of gingerly grains to avoid Sanidosha.





Goddess Bhagavathy is installed in a separate Sree Kovil at the north west corner in the temple compound. The Sankalpa is that of Bhadrakali. Poomoodal muttarukkal, Pattu-thali charthal, Pushapanjali etc are the important Vazhipads. Due to the rush of vazhipads in this temple, a separate vazhipadu counter has been installed at this temple.




Naga Raja and Naga Rani are installed in a separate enclosure in the Naga Kavu near the Bhagavathy temple. Naga pooja, sarpabali are performed here in the ayillyam day in the month of Kanni. Sarpabali and Nagapattu are also performed during the Athi Rudhra Mahayagam and Maharudhra yagam in the month of Dhanu every year. The main offerings are Rahupooja, Nagapooja, etc.



Brahma Rakshassu


Brahma Rakshassu is installed in the south west corner in the bahyankana in a roofless enclosure. The main offering here is the Brahmma Rakshassu pooja.




A Rakshassu is also installed in an enclosure near the Bhagavathy temple. Pooja is performed only once in an year during the Athirudhram/Maharudhram.